Santora Coffe-Systems – Coffee authority since more than 113 years!

Santora Coffee-Systems offer more than just beans: own roasting on a daily basis, individual care, powerful brands and face-to-face service.

Since 1900 we are an authentic partner for gastronomy and bulk consumers, when it’s about coffee & tea. Upon request, we roast the beans individually, adapted on our customer’s wishes.

We attach great importance on individual care and great quality – which customers notice and the guest certainly tastes.

We offer knowledge and capability but also four strong brands:

  • Santora is our brand for viennese coffeehouse tradition 
  • Piazza d’Oro is an international premium brand based on an italien concept
  • Cafitesse is our unique “liquid-coffee” concept
  • Pickwick stands for outstanding tea-consumption 

Only for the Horeca - Sector

Our customers in the gastronomy and bulk-consumers field are being helped with an more than competent team. We don’t supply the end customer; the Horeca- (Hotel-Restaurant-Cafè) division is our specialty. Which means: you can offer your guests products, which are not available in ordinary grocery-retails.

If you choose Santora, you have the perfect partner when it comes to hot beverages.